ANTM Cycle 19 Winner: Laura James

First off a big congratulations to Laura James for winning. While I didn’t watch the whole season, the last few weeks I did catch gave me mixed emotions. While Laura wasn’t the worst attitude-wise in the house she wasn’t me top favorite, but I think what she brings to the table is great.

Laura isn’t super skinny (naturally or unnaturally) and has a healthier, athletic look to her body which was brought up in conversations on the show many times. One of the judges, Rob, tried to point out that the industry isn’t looking for models like her – which I screamed at the TV “Who cares what the industry wants!?” but in the end she still won the competition.

This brings up the topic that I LOVE how Tyra and ANTM has been bringing in more and more body types in their model competitors. They’ve had plus size, petite, athletic, curvy…. everything.THANK YOU, because the industry should follow suit in my opinion. Women wants to see ALL body types pictured in ads for clothes, beauty and other products — not just a stick thin model. All body types should be represented.


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