Lingerie: The Panty

Panties can be SO MUCH FUN, and also the worst, most uncomfortable things in the world. Fashion always seems to work like that. Sigh. But they are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe (unless you go commando ALL the time, ew).

According to Andy Paige, author of “Style On A Shoestring,” the goal is to find comfortable and invisible panties. Ahem, invisible. I won’t say that it’s easy or that I’ve never broken that rule but it’s the goal for all of us.

Ellie Boy Short by Fredrick’s.

Of course, for the classic outlook of Andy Paige, she says once you find the perfect panties for you that you should buy 7 pairs of it… 5 nude and 2 black. Yes, these are the BASICS. Basics are great to have. Do I personally own 5 nude panties and 2 black? No. Do I have a drawer filled with rainbow colored panties and printed panties? Yes!


Thong by Aerie.

I personally like cotton panties the best because they breath, or a cotton blend at least. According to Andy Paige microfiber breathes and stretches to hold it’s shape much better than all-cotton and suggests trying blended fabrics.

Another great fabric choice is LACE. Coming from a lingerie store background I can tell you that we sold a LOT of lace undies. They are feminine, flirty and hot.


Lace waist full brief by Lane Bryant.

There are so many styles of panties on the market that I’m not sure I could name them all. Let’s try: thong, boy short, boy brief, girly brief, bikini, string bikini, tanga, g-string, low rise and full coverage… oh and the dread GRANNY PANTY. Yup, that is a lot. And I’ve probably worn most at least once.

I agree with Andy Paige in this crucial statement: if you want to avoid Visible Panty Line (VPL) then just find a great fitting THONG. Thongs are probably the best pantie on the market that will cover what needs covered yet not be visible under any of your clothes. If you can’t stand the thought of them, JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT IT…and JUST DO IT.


Tanga by Aerie.

You’re wearing your fabulous LBD out on your first date with that hottie from the coffee shoppe. The last thing you want to show through that slinky number is your PANTIES. Date killer. To avoid VPL try a thong or commando, but if you REALLY can’t stand either of those options find a great shaper!

Clinton Kelly, style guru and author of “Oh No She Didn’t!” describes VPL as a “senseless style crime,” and the crime equivalent as breaking into someone’s house to switch their tacky wedding photos with a tacky oil painting. Yup, that seems senseless. He also says that “the bigger and bulkier your panties, the more likely you are to get caught with a case of VPL.” And suggests a thong or shapewear like Andy Paige.

To learn more from and about Andy Paige check out her site Cents of Style. And the learn more about Clinton Kelly check out his website!


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