Condiment Colors

As I read through my new favorite book, Clinton Kelly’s “Oh No She Didn’t,” I’ve come across several situations I thought were perfect to share. I can honestly say today’s situation I’ve probably worn before, and I’ve probably knew while wearing it that it didn’t look right. Let’s just say that top no longer resides in my wardrobe.

What am I talking about? Condiment colors! There is a 2 page spread in “Oh No She Didn’t” discussing this topic. The two colors we mean by “condiment colors” are that ketchup red and mustard yellow. What does Clinton say? “Wear the colors that make you happy! But beware of the condiments!”

Photo courtesy ColourBox.

Photo courtesy ColourBox.

If you have a pink complextion: wearing red will only INCREASE the pink tones in your skin.

If you have a yellow complection: wearing mustard yellow can bring out the yellow in your skin and give you that jaundice look.

Clinton writes that reds with blue undertones are easier to wear and brighter yellows normally don’t give you that jaundiced look (wish I would have known that earlier.)


To learn more about Clinton Kelly and his books check out his website

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