Pick(s) Of The Day: Forever 21

I haven’t done a pick of the day for awhile now and I wanted to find something that I thought was perfect for the season. Well when I started to look around I couldn’t find just one, but TWO stood out to me. I also liked that they came from a very affordable & acsessable store to all us: Forever 21.

While I’ve had my issues with Forever 21 in the past I always seem to come back to it. I’ve had personal issues with them (they didn’t ship my dress for my sister’s wedding in time and I got it AFTER her wedding) and they’ve had some sketchy business practices. But I’m setting these aside to bring you some awesome holiday cheer!

This first pick of the day is a festive black sparkly raglan sweater! For only $24.80 you can get into the Holiday spirit with some sparkle but not be over-the-top ( you know that person). It’s comfy, sweet and can be dressed up or down!

Sequined Raglan Sweater, Forever21+.

Sequined Raglan Sweater, Forever21+.


The other pick of the day just screams “bad girl” to me. It’s not a black leather jacket, I’m not telling you to go dress up like Sandy from Grease (for Halloween yes, for everyday no.) This contrast hooded bomber jacket will finish any outfit this Winter. For just $34.80 you too can be “too cool for school,” but not dressed up like a reject in an 80s B movie.

Contrast Hooded Bomber Jacket, Forever21+.

Contrast Hooded Bomber Jacket, Forever21+.



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