Holiday Party Attire

It’s that time of year again – holiday party time! I’m sure you all have already jumped into your closets and have come up with great ideas, but I’m sure there are those times where you have asked “what do I wear!?”

Now, if we are talking about an “ugly sweater party” I suggest running to your nearest Salvation Army (or any other thrift store) and rummaging through the sales rack. Almost positive you’ll find a winner. Never attended this type of holiday party but from what my friends tell me – THIS is the way to shop for a win.



Click the photo to visit the board!

Click the photo to visit the board!


But if you are going to a fun, casual party or a dressy, work party then look no further. I have once again went window shopping through some of my favorite plus size stores (affordable & splurge worthy) just for you. Holiday attire is all about fun, bright colors, sparkles, glitter, light and festive… but I’m not suggesting you don your grandmother’s christmas tree sweater that has real ornaments attached to the front and a battery pack to light up the twinkle lights.


It is always best to follow the rule “less is more” normally; wear that red dress and pair it with some black accessories, brighten up a simple dress with a sparkly bolero, or pull on some print leggings with your favorite sweater and boots. Though rules are also meant to be broken so, if you dare … stun everyone at the party with a hot all-over-sparkle dress.


All over colors work best for fuller figures but if you are dying to wear a print just remember to make it proportional to your size, then you’ll be a rockstar. My favorite color this season has been that ruby/cranberry/maroon-ish red; it’s so out of the normal but warm and inviting. Love it!




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