Plus-Size Photography from a Photographer

I recently found this article posted on talking about plus-size photography from a different point of view, the photographer’s. The writer explored some really interesting points when interviewing a local Dallas photographer that deals with a lot of plus-size clients. At first I thought this might be one of those “wear a shaper to create more of a silhouette,” or “suck in your stomach every time the camera flashes” type of deals. But no, what I read was how the photographer completely accepts his full figured clients, and even states there is no difference between a typical non-curvy model and a plus-size model.

“First off, plus size models are no different from your typical non-curvy models. They are still people and should in no way feel alienated because of their dress size. Nevertheless, the reason why I like to shoot plus size models is because they are more self aware of themselves within the photograph, which makes the photo shoot more focused,” Daleon Listhrop told Lanette Kincaid from

Photo courtesy DList Photography &

Photo courtesy DList Photography &

This really touched me and made me feel more confident. Yes, it always boosts your confidence to have someone else actually state there is no difference between body shapes and that no one should feel “alienated because of their dress size.” Even if you already knew this, had all the confidence in the world, hearing someone else admit it gives you a boost you didn’t know you had left.

I’m not going to give away all his tips, you’ll have to go read the full article yourself – then come back and tell me what you think!


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