Post Holiday Bliss

It is now officially the day after Christmas. While most of you are still wrapped up in your blankets of holiday bliss others may be thinking… “what do I do now?” When I was little I always spent Christmas Day and the day after reading through the new mound of books my parents got me. Now that I’m grown up I’m working the day after Christmas. But there are always fun things to do the day after!

1. Have A Holiday Movie Marathon

If you have the family still over or if you call your friends over tonight, continue the Holiday by watching all your favorite Holiday movies! My favorite are all of The Santa Clause movies, the Tim Allen ones. These are FABULOUS and always remind me of Christmas. Other favorites are White Christmas (my mom’s favorite), Claymation Christmas and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. If you have Netflix they also have a TON of Christmas movies for you to enjoy.

2. Do a Hot Coco Tasting

Photo courtesy Becky Higgins.

Photo courtesy Becky Higgins.

You know it’s cold outside, so warm up with friends and try out some different cocos! Swiss Miss isn’t the only brand out there. Try making your own hot coco with fudge and milk, or grab a ton of toppings to have a hot coco bar.

3. Create A New Meal From Leftovers

homemade chicken noodle soupNo one wants to cook anymore after yesterday. So use your ham to create some divine sandwiches using the mashed potatoes and cranberries. Or make homemade turkey soup by tossing everything into a pot.

4. Go Bowling!

Or any other sort of fun activity with friends and family! Burn off all those calories you ate yesterday and continue the fun by getting active. Then finish it off with seeing a movie that just came into theaters.


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