My New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! It is the first of the year and the first of the month and for the first time in many, many years I am giving myself a New Year’s Resolution. I haven’t done (or attempted to do one) in I don’t know how many years. They never seem to work out. Though if I remember correctly most were always “lose weight,” “get skinny,” or “go on a diet.” You can see how much society weighed on me when I was younger. And clearly why I stopped setting resolutions when I got smarter.

But I’m putting myself out there and setting one for the first time in years. Now you all can keep me accountable too. Don’t be too harsh! Haha. I’m actually setting two resolutions this year.

Photo courtesy Mashable.

Photo courtesy Mashable.

1. Focus On Bettering The Blog

I’ve been wanting to refocus on The Curvysta Haven for a long time now. I love this blog and I love writing for all of you, but I also do it for myself. Over the past couple months I’ve felt like something has been missing in my world because I haven’t had the time to focus on my writing as much as I want to.

So my New Year’s resolution to myself is to put more focus on the blog to make it better, more informative and fun for all of us!

2. Lose 5 lbs.

I know I said I stopped setting resolutions because of ones like this, but I’m not setting anything extreme. I’m doing it more so to help kick off my goal to start going back to the gym again and keep me motivated.


What are your resolutions? How will you keep them? 


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