Curves Hit The Runway!

On February 15 -16th the first ever London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend will be taking place. Models from sizes 10 and up will be walking the runway wearing numerous full figured designers’ clothes and spokes persons will be discussing the rise in plus-size fashion. The fashion weekend is being organized by Trapped In A Skinny World boutique and Evolve, a plus-size magazine.

This brings me great joy and it better hit the blogosphere big time so I can follow it step-by-step. The only thing that makes me sad is that I won’t be able to attend myself! I think it is great that people are finally standing up and recognizing that women come in ALL shapes and sizes, not just 0-6. And the fact that they are organizing it around the same time as London Fashion Week is a great start. Next stop will be INCORPORATING all sizes in ALL runway shows, 0-24. The dream.

©Splash. Photo courtesy

©Splash. Photo courtesy

‘If our event makes at least one plus size woman overcome her fears and encourages her to indulge in her love for clothes and feeling great, then we will have done our job!’ Remi Ray, organizer, told

I, too, hope this event helps make at least one plus-size woman become fearless in her fashion endeavors!



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