Beauty 101: How to Beat Winter Skin

It is that time of year again where the cold temperatures bring in freezing rain, snow and the dreaded dry skin. Yuck! All the itching, scratching, flakiness that comes along with dry skin is at the least unpleasant and unsightly. To battle these we have shelf after shelf of lotions on the drugstore floor. But what to choose? What works? What doesn’t?


In an article by Megan O’Neill for Spry Living, she writes that lotions with lipids in them help hold the moisture our skin craves without creating a greasy feeling we hate. She suggests Trilipiderm All-Body Natural Moisturizing Créme ($24.95, and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream ($14.99,

My personal favorites are Vasaline brand lotions and Bath & Body Works’ True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream. They never leave my skin feeling thick or greasy and have quickly fixed serious dry skin, like those ugly rough patches I get on my elbows.

Want a home remedy to try? Save all your citrus peals in an airtight container till bath time. Then toss a few into a very warm bath and soak. The natural oils in the peels help rid you of dead skin and nourish your new skin.


Photo and info courtesy Eccouterre.

Photo and info courtesy Eccouterre.

Not only can you help fend away dry skin topically but INTERNALLY as well! What you eat can help keep your skin healthy and glowing through the cold winter nights.

Foods to try: 

– Seeds

– Lean Proteins (wild caught fish, legumes, organic chicken)


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