Lingerie: The Shaper

Sadly, the shaper is the end of the lingerie series. It has been a terrific ride helping everyone out with their panties and bras. It was tons of fun collecting amazing pieces to share and I hope I was informative enough to help guide you towards your new lingerie collections.

Shapewear. I’m not sure what all to say about this at first. To me, this topic is a love-hate sort of article of clothing. Everyone with every shape wears shapers now, it’s almost like an epidemic. And I have to admit, I own a few in my closet too. So I guess they are like a necessary evil.

Spanx Higher Power Brief, at Torrid. $36.

Spanx Higher Power Brief, at Torrid. $36.

According to Andy Paige, author of Style On A Shoestring, weather you buy expensive or cheep shapers they all are basically the same. So if you want to splurge on a $30 pair or run to the local CVS for a $5 pair, you’ll get about the same control and comfortable level.

How To Know a Good Shaper from a Bad Shaper: A good one will be like your bra – it will lift and separate your cheeks. A bad shaper will squish your ass together and give you uni-buns (Andy Paige’s word). She says to look for shapers with a gathered center seam that fits comfortably between your cheeks.

Spanx In-Power Line Super Higher Power. $38.

Spanx In-Power Line Super Higher Power. $38.

Important tip, inspect the waist band and leg bands before you buy. You want ones made from microfiber and elastin to give you “invisible support.”

Personally I own a couple biker short styles (high waist and down the thighs) that do work great but I find that the long legs make them difficult to wear with short skirts and dresses. I also own a waist cincher that I have worn maybe once since I bought it. It’s not exactly comfortable and it doesn’t exactly “suck it in” like you would think. So I wouldn’t recommend a cincher honestly.



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