Qristyl From Qristyl Frazier Designs

Recently I had the extreme pleasure to talk with Qristyl Frazier, designer of ‘plus sexy’ clothes. When I originally found her e-commerce site I about died; the amazing designs blew me away and the attention to detail for sizing was brilliant. I fell in love. So I made it my mission to bring her to you.

Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.

Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.


Name: Qristyl Frazier

Company: Qristyl Frazier Designs, plus SEXY clothes

Education: Fashion design from Stephens College, Columbia

It all started for her when she took a home economics course back in high school. She really enjoyed sewing and began making her own clothes. At that time Qristyl wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she grew up, but her sewing teacher was the first to tell her that she sounded like a fashion designer. From there she attended Stephens College, a private women’s institution to further her education.

In 2006, when BET’s Rip The Runway began looking for designers Qristyl was approached and debuted her Sultry collection on the show. Overwhelmed by the huge response she received she designed her e-commerce site that year as well to aid all curvy women in the search for the perfect outfit. She realized that curvy women had a strong voice trying to break through in the fashion world and hence ‘plus sexy’ came about. The term ‘plus sexy’ was coined by Qristyl to describe the vivacious, full figured women she designs for – because all women are sexy!

These are the very women that inspire her designs today. She doesn’t sketch out her ideas, Qristyl goes with her gut feeling. She just concentrates on what her clients are looking for, where they might be headed out to: a party, dinner date, anything and she goes with what she envisions. Qristyl said she leaves a certain fabric on her dress form for a few days sometimes just to think about what it can become, and then she creates one of her amazing collections off the feeling or mood she gets.

Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.

Envy dress pictured above. Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.

One of my favorite questions to ask women is what their must-have piece in their wardrobe is. Qristyl shared that her Envy dress is just that. “It is a simple dress, but it has an incredible fit and can be worn year round,” Qristyl said. She even shared that she wore the Envy dress to a meeting with Macy’s and received so many compliments on it. She has it in every color.

When asked if she had any advice for ‘plus sexy’ women, Qristyl said she “wants them to be healthy, but live every day. Don’t wait to lose weight.” She shares the frustration that a lot of women have when searching for clothes in department stores, and how we can be one size in one store but another somewhere else. With her designs though that is not a problem because she makes each piece perfectly for each client.

Qristyl said that curvy girls are going to be excited to see the designs she creates, and if I haven’t already shown just how bias I’m becoming from loving her collections … I have to agree!


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