Blogger Spotlight: Chels & The City

This month’s blogger spotlight is of a personal friend of mine that I met during my senior year internship. We hit it off right away and I had a blast with her. Shortly after I started The Curvysta Haven I found out she started a blog of her own!

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Name: Chelsea Oliver

Blog: Chels & The City // Started February 2012

Q: Why did you start your blog? 

CO: I started Chels & the City for a couple reasons. The most important reason is because I feel like Pittsburgh has only a favorable reputation when I actually believe people are missing out on the “Renaissance” that the city is going through. I wanted to highlight on what is great about Pittsburgh in hopes that more people, especially younger people, would take advantage of all that this great city has to offer. I also thought that getting back into the blogging world would help me find more of a creative outlet. Since I am getting my Master’s degree right now, there are few opportunities to show my creative side so I thought this would be a way to tap into that side of my brain more.

Q: What is your favorite part of fashion (plus-size)?

CO: That it is (generally) not the same cookie cutter styles as the “regular” sizes. Obviously plus-size women have different attributes that make more sense to highlight than on the body of a regular-sized woman and I really appreciate when clothing labels realize that and tailor to our more curvy figures.

Q: What has been your favorite article you wrote so far?

CO: Peace’burgh: End the Violence. This blog post shows that I am not blind to the “valleys” of Pittsburgh. I know that the city as a whole is not this glittery town that I make it out to be all the time. I know that it has it’s problems and that it is not for everyone and this post shows that. However, this post, which I plan on making a bigger segment of my blog in 2013, also shows that I truly have hope in the growth of Pittsburgh and I am willing to help that growth in any positive way.

Q: What is your advice for other bloggers?

CO: Keep truckin. There are plenty of times where I ask myself if anyone actually cares about my posts or if I’m sounding like a broken record going on about the “fabulous-ness” of Pittsburgh and then out of nowhere, someone will tell me how much they liked something I wrote. Readers will always surprise you and motivate you when you need it the most. Write for yourself first, readers second and think of SEO last. If you’re not enjoying the blogging process, it will show and any content you put out there won’t matter anyway.

Q: What is your advice for plus-size women?

CO: Only wear what looks good on you, and wear it with confidence. Not every trend or fad works on a plus-sized woman, and that’s okay. You look better in what you are comfortable in and what fits you well.

Q: What is your favorite place in Pittsburgh?

CO: The Riverwalk along the North Shore side of the Allegheny River. I love that it’s peaceful but still very much a part of the city. There are a lot of interesting spots to hang out over there, either with friends/family or if you need some alone time and I love that it gives you a great view of Pittsburgh. Since I live downtown, going over to the Riverwalk and just looking across the Allegheny always gives me some perspective and particularly helps relax me on stressful days. It’s always great to know there is a place like that amongst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.


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