Help Build The Curvysta Haven!

As you may have noticed on the left hand of the blog there is a Go Fund Me badge saying to “click here to donate.” After much deliberation I decided to join Go Fund Me in hopes to take The Curvysta Haven to the next step.

I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and have had The Curvysta Haven for a little over 1 year and 1 month. I love this blog with all my heart and everything it has brought into my life and hopefully you feel the same. I want to build The Curvysta Haven into one of the best plus-size lifestyle websites out there for you and me, but I need some help.

To take it to the next level I need funds i don’t currently have. I would love to move The Curvysta Haven onto it’s own site with my own design where I am able to post anything I need and want to share with you. It’s the logical next step and something I am very passionate about.

This is why I decided to try Go Fund Me where anyone who is as passionate about The Curvysta Haven can donate however much they want and can to help grow the blog into a flourishing site. I’m asking for $3,000 so I can hire a web designer, buy space & hosting on the web and for a new Macbook so I can have more and better tools available to bring you the best I have to offer.

I hope that you all want to continue seeing The Curvysta Haven grow and will consider donating and sharing the link! I want to make my blog a place we all can enjoy coming to each and every day!


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