OOTW: January Recap

One of the things I have started to post more frequently are outfit of the week posts. I’ve seen a lot of other style bloggers that focus on their own personal style so I was inspired to put more time into trying this myself; hence outfit of the week (instead of day).

I love sharing my personal style with you dolls, I’ve gotten some great feedback that has helped me grow and the blog grow. So first off, thank you all! I want to bring you posts that you want to read and entertain.

Since it is the last week of January I wanted to do a recap of my outfits I shared with you in January:

© The Curvysta Haven 2013

© The Curvysta Haven 2013

New Boots” was the first outfit I shared because I had gotten these amazing boots from my Dad for Christmas. I still love them! I’ve had to sew on two buttons but it’s a small cost to pay for boots that are stylish, warm and comfortable. I’ve never owned a pair of memory foam soled shoes before – but I think that is the way the shoe industry should go!

©The Curvysta Haven

©The Curvysta Haven

Buttoned Up” is the outfit where I actually tucked in one of my blouses. I’m still nervous tucking in my shirts but I really enjoyed this outfit. I had so many compliments at work that day, it blew me away! Also, I’m sure you can tell I’m wearing the same cranberry colored pants – these are a personal favorite of mine. Talk about a pop of color!

©The Curvysta Haven

©The Curvysta Haven

A Little Summer in Winter” is the most recent outfit I’ve shared. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite out of the three, but I really liked finally wearing my Athena dress from Queen Grace! I can’t wait for it to be warm and Summer in Pittsburgh to rock this dress a lot more. Maxis are a great addition to any wardrobe.


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