Update: New Year’s Resolution

So almost a month ago we brought in the new year and I posted two resolutions I wanted to keep this year. They were to refocus on The Curvysta Haven and then to lose 5lbs. I told you I was going to keep in touch with ya’ll about it so no better time than a month after I set them, right?

Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.

Photo courtesy Qristyl Frazier.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Ashley Taylor.

Photo courtesy Tiffany Bank.

Photo courtesy Tiffany Bank.

First, refocusing on the blog. In just January I have created and followed an editorial calender, have contacted and written about famous plus sexy designer Qristyl Frazier, let you meet my good friend Chelsea Oliver and her blog Chels & The City and even introduced plus size model Tiffany Bank to you. And this is just the names I’ve brought to you. My outfit of the week posts have shared my own personal style finally with all of you, and I have continued to bring delicious recipes for your kitchen!

Under the radar, I have begun to read more about how to build my blog as a brand, what you as readers want and how to achieve that and how to better communicate with you all using social media. Learning more about my career helps me to continue interacting with you dolls and continue bringing you The Curvysta Haven point of view!

Now, for my second resolution, to lose 5 lbs. I can tell you right now that I have not lost that yet. I am still regaining my habit of going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. My trainer from summer is now working at my gym full time and we are getting back into the grove of things. She is a tough cookie! So during January I haven’t specifically focused on losing the 5lbs but focused on creating the habits to help lose those 5lbs.

How have your resolutions or goals been going? Have you reached any yet? Share below! 


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