VDay: Save & Splurge

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to help out by showing you some different pieces that would work perfectly for your curvy figure. Best part? I’ve catagorized them into “save!” and “splurge!” worthy. I’ve seen this style of posts a lot in magazines and think it’s a great way to really showcase what readers are looking for.

First the splurge. Splurging on a Valentine’s Day outfit can be really fun but sometimes guilt trips you later on. My suggestion? Make sure whichever piece you splurge on is something you’d work into your wardrobe on a regular basis, something that you really can’t live without. If not, then you may be out $100 just for Valentine’s Day.

Picture 2


These few pieces I thought were splurge worthy because they are pieces that you can mix and match with for numerous occasions. A great printed scarf can tie any ensemble together; wear around your neck, in your hair or even dress up your purse! Everyone needs an LBD, that’s not new information, but dress a splurge worthy LBD up for Vday with some great pink accessories to put your own spin on it.

I live on the saving budget. Every time I even think of clothes shopping I’m focusing on how much money I can actually afford to spend. I want those pieces to look like they’re a splurge but I’m really saving! So I went into this with that mind set, I don’t want to give you anything I wouldn’t want to buy myself.

Picture 3


There are so many great save worthy pieces out there. You can dress up or down or somewhere in between with these pieces. Dress up an LBD with the pink striped blazer or pull a white blouse over the red sequin bra.


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