VDay: Date Time

You have less than a week till Valentine’s Day and hopefully your significant other knows where they’re taking you for dinner  *hint* *hint*. Haha, or maybe you are planning this part? Whichever it may be I hope you’ve left some time to plan your outfit, if not that is what I’m here for! I’ve got an outfit idea, from head to toe!

Found on Pinterest.

Found on Pinterest.

I’m starting at the nails because when I found this pin it became my inspiration. I love having an accent nail but lately I’ve been seeing pictures where a salon’s client has like 3 or 4 ‘accent’ nails. Once it reaches that point it looks like a child did your nails; you remember when we were young and we painted each nail a different color or put random decals all over them? Having ONE accent nail makes the design and your manicure POP. I thought this manicure was perfect for Valentine’s Day too since it’s pink, has a kiss and the ‘xoxo’ is just darling.

Picture 4

Now the outfit! I know a lot of women dress up for Valentine’s Day, especially if you are taken somewhere really nice, but I loved the playfulness of these pieces when I saw them. They work with the nail design too because of the playfulness and the colors.

Destroyed denim is still fashionable, though it’s not always a personal favorite. Vests on the other hand are becoming increasingly popular and this pink leather one is uber cute! Pair with a chunky pink bootie for an edgy look.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

I’ve been obsessed with braids for awhile now, not that I haven’t perfected any of them yet haha. But this dutch braid I thought was so cool yet elegant and would be perfect with the outfit and nails from above. It would give a dressy touch to the edgy outfit, yet still playful.



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