OOTW: Black Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday and there isn’t a ton of excitement for me. To be honest, I have zero plans besides working that evening and it kind of sucks but it just feels like another day of the week to me. This is unfortunate because I hope you all are gearing up for a big special date with the significant or a huge outing with your friends! Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love … it’s about all kinds of love!

©The Curvysta Haven

©The Curvysta Haven

Since apparently my heart has decided to wear black this year I decided to share one of my favorite outfits I recently wore. I will admit, this particular day I wanted to go to work looking kind of like a badass … unfortunately I don’t own any black leather yet (*hint*) but worked with what I had. I enjoyed the outcome and had a lot of fun at work that evening.

I named it “black valentine” because I started posing with my Valentine’s Day decorations I have hanging up in my kitchen. Who doesn’t love a giant red heart?

©The Curvysta Haven

©The Curvysta Haven

I started my ensemble off with wearing, well, all black because nothing says “badass” to me like the color black, and it slims. Also slim, curve-showing clothes gives a huge since of confidence in the wearer so I paired my favorite straight leg black pants with a black camisole and black OTK boots.

The last part took me a long time to figure out, I kept jumping around with a black lace shirt and a silver belt. I pulled out my navy button down and did my classic wrap style with it though and fell in love. Pick the body part you love to accentuate and go for it… clearly I love my cleavage, and I’m not afraid to show it!

©The Curvysta Haven

©The Curvysta Haven

Camisole: Aerie Fit; Button Down: Good Will; Pants: Rainbow: Boots: Payless. 



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