Grocery Time!

It’s the start of the week which normally means, grocery shopping. I love going shopping because, besides loving food, I love to cook so finding great ingredients is awesome. But the biggest thing on my mind is, how can I save money but still get enough food?

It’s a big concern for any of us on a tight budget. A couple weeks ago I saw a photo on Pinterest comparing what you could buy at KFC for $20 and what groceries you can get for $20 and it got me thinking. The comparison is really powerful because thinking about it, you can actually get so much more at the grocery store than 1 meal at a fast food restaurant. But what I wanted to know was … where did this creator shop? Certain things like milk were a lot cheeper than I’ve ever seen in the store personally.

So I wanted to know, how do you save? How much do you budget for grocery shopping? How often do you go grocery shopping? 

imagesWhile I’d love to only have to go like twice a month, there are certain items that must be purchased almost weekly (like milk, vegetables, fruits). And I’m always one to stock up; I might not use the whole bag of frozen chicken this week but I’ll have that for the month, then the next week I might stock up on frozen pizzas just in case for those times I’m starving and super uncreative in the cooking department. I always seem to find things like this.

Do you splurge? Do you only get what you need that week? I’m curious! Please share your tips and tricks!


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