New Year’s Resolution Update #2

This will be short and sweet… I achieved one of my goals last week! I finally lost those pesky 5 lbs that I’ve been talking about. It took almost 2 months but I did it and I did it the healthy way. No fad diets, no pills, no weird shakes or starvation.

I started going to the gym right after New Year’s and working with my personal trainer again. With her help I’ve cut out pop and reduced how much sugary drinks I was consuming, and I’ve been eating healthier too with the help of my friends.

Photo courtesy Mashable.

Photo courtesy Mashable.

I’ve discovered many new fruits and vegetables that I like and new ways to cook them into dishes I like. Making a few simple changes, like sweet potatoes for white potatoes or fresh squeezed OJ in place of those sugary concentrate kinds really makes a difference!

While I’ve finally reached this goal I will continue on this train, will be working towards another 5lbs.

Have you reached any of your goals?


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