Meet Renee!

I am so excited to finally introduce Renee to you all, The Curvysta Haven’s new beauty expert! After being introduced to her through a mutual friend we struck up the conversation of having her contribute her knowledge to my blog. Her own blog, “Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick,” is a great place to go find awesome new cosmetics and beauty ideas, not to mention her thrifty finds!

Photo courtesy Renee.

Photo courtesy Renee.

Instantly I wanted to talk with her and bring her expertise to The Curvysta Haven because I’m not the best at makeup, personally. So Renee has agreed to join the team! Here’s a little bit about our new beauty expert:

Photo courtesy Renee.

Photo courtesy Renee.

Renee is a former English teacher and forever makeup addict currently caught in retail Hell. She learned most of her makeup “skills” by reading Kevyn Aucoin books, browsing internet forums, and forcing her friends to pose for photoshoots. Her favorite makeup items include obnoxiously bright lipsticks, super-shiny highlighters, and foundations that actually match her oh-so-white skin. When Renee’s not scanning produce, she’s buying tacky clothes, sending out job applications, and posting more drivel to her blog, “Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick.”

Welcome Renee!



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