Spring Fashion Trio

Spring officially starts on the 20th, and while I’m holding my breath in Pittsburgh, a lot of other places are already sporting warm weather! And that brings Spring fashion as well. I wanted to share three of my favorite Spring fashion trends today so we can all start stocking up for once the weather changes (if you’re like me and it hasn’t).

Sometimes I really hate doing “trend” posts mainly because I don’t think I always know what is a “trend” especially in the plus-size world, because they aren’t always the same as what you see on the catwalks. But after thinking about it for awhile, I realized if I think something is “trendy” and it is being seen regularly then it must be a trend. So I really tried to follow my instincts here.

The first Spring trend is: Fun Layers!

Picture 1

All pieces found at Ashley Stewart.

You think layers are for Fall a lot of times but truthfully, Spring can still be a bit cool or rainy so a great jacket, cardigan or blazer can really pull an outfit together. Also, jackets give you shape! And light layers are easy to pull on or off depending on the weather.

Second trend for Spring: Lace!

Picture 3

Top: Torrid; Shorts & Dress: F21+.

Lace has been trendy for awhile now but it is becoming hot for Spring again. They’ve upgraded it to being “floral” lace as well that seems very popular. I love mixing in lace pieces or finding a top that has lace insets; like lace on the shoulders, or a full lace back. It brings in texture and playfulness.

Lastly, the third Spring trend: Chiffon!

Picture 4

Left: F21+; Middle: Ashley Stewart; Right: F21+.

This is probably my favorite and yet something totally new to me. Chiffon is hot, hot, HOT! I love how it is light and airy which is perfect for Spring, and you can dress it up or down. Pair with some denim for a casual day or with a great pencil skirt for work.


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