St. Patrick’s Day Fashion 2013

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday and this holiday has sooo much meaning for me. First off, I LOVE the color green; I’m Irish and it’s my Dad’s birthday! Three favorite things rolled into one fabulous day. Besides that there are great foods and, of course, drinks for today. You can go with the generic beer (which most of the States consider the drink of the day) or the Irish classic, Guinness. Or if you are real gutsy, grab yourself a shot of Irish whiskey.

To celebrate the day the best way to dress is in all green. You could go with kitchy Irish garb or be chic in a green ensemble, that is not just one shade of green. The key is variation, texture and shapes.

Picture 1


I love this casual chic outfit with tons of good ol’ green in it, and of course…. gold! Have to keep your gold safe, or look for a pesky leprechaun and snatch his instead. The flowy top and skinny jeans gives a great shape and those green velvet heels are just the right bit of glam. Celtic knot-esque gold jewelry really tops off your St. Patrick’s Day ensemble.

Picture 2


I found these other great green pieces you could work into your outfit. Wear a great pair of jeans with the sequins mint top; or pair the blazer over your favorite LBD. Take a walk on the wild side with the lime printed top  when you go out at night with your girls!

What will you be rocking on the biggest drinking holiday of the year? Hope not orange, or I’ll pinch you!


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