Hellooooo Spring!

Welcome to the first day of Spring! It has been a long time (1 year) since I last saw you and trust me, I’ve missed you. Well, I miss Summer more than you but you’re a great start. I just hope you are bringing warmer weather and… NO SNOW, so sick of snow.

I hope you all are having a great time lately with the longer days, I know I’m enjoying having more sun honestly even if I did lose an hour of sleep. I can’t stress how much I want warmer weather, haha. Hopefully it’ll be coming soon.

In honor of the first day of Spring I create a fantastic outfit that just felt like Spring to me! It’s playful, and colorful with some skin which is always a sign of warmer weather. I paired it with two different shoe choices because, a girl always love choices! And because sometimes you want flats (I normally wear flats now) but wedges are fun and casual (and I want to start wearing more heels personally).

Picture 1

All items found at F21+.


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