The Carrie Diaries // Sex and The City

“The Carrie Diaries” is a television series based upon the books by the same name from Candace Bushnell. It debuted January 14, 2013 and is the prequel to HBO’s hit show “Sex And The City.” 

the-carrie-diariesWhen I first came across the title I didn’t even know it was a reference to Sex And The City, all I saw was “Carrie Diaries” and thought it was another CW teen show. After I finally clicked on it (on Hulu) and discovered it was Carrie BRADSHAW I became skeptical, and I’m talking SUPER skeptical. How could anyone ever try to touch Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw? Or even the storyline which is Sex And The City? I didn’t think it would go far, at all.

carrie_bradshaw_tutuAfter watching a few episodes though I started to concede; it is no Sex and The City but it is interesting. Once I became a regular viewer I began to understand the back story and how it could possibly tie into the future Carrie Bradshaw/Sex And The City. It takes awhile, especially if you are a die hard Sex And The City fan, but seeing the childhood of how Carrie grew up and what projected her towards her life of writing, sex, fashion and Manhattan is interesting. can now say, I’m a fan of the show. Do I have discrepancies? Yes. In Sex and The City, you never hear (from what I remember) of a sister, or her father… I know she came from Connecticut but that was about it. I’m not even sure I remember Carrie talking about her first time, though I can remember her telling the girls about her first abortion… But I feel that SJP/Carrie Bradshaw would have mentioned her sister at least in the show.

052510SATC02Sometimes I feel like The Carrie Diaries just wanted to ride on the success of Sex and The City, and decided to ‘fill in the gaps’ that we all wanted to know about Carrie growing up. Is it bad? No. Is it going to be as good? Probably not.

Watch the show, Monday @ 8pm on The CW!


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