Hot Feet: Sneakers

As you know I’ve been dedicating myself to the gym, and I’m seeing amazing results as well as FEELING them! But one thing that I’ve been thinking of (and starting to voice) is how I want hot, stylish sneakers for my feet. Problem? They seem to be uber expensive!

My current obsession: Women's Nike LunarFly+4, Finishline, $69.98 ON SALE.

My current obsession: Women’s Nike LunarFly+4, Finishline, $69.98 ON SALE.

When you walk into your local shoe store, like Payless, or even someplace like Nike you are confronted with racks and rack of boring, blah, white-grey-black (or a combination of the three) shoes. Who wants that? If you are lucky to find something with some color they always seem to be $20 out of your price range. Or perhaps you’ll find some basic tennis in a vibrant color for $10 but wait — you get to the gym and find out there is ZERO support. Wah wah. Why can’t fashion & function meet up in our price range?

Champion Octo Performance Runner @ Payless, $29.99.

Colorful but not exactly stylish. Champion Octo Performance Runner @ Payless, $29.99.

I want something with color that I can wear stylishly to work or the gym, but something that is going to support my horribly problematic, size 10 feet. That’s right; I’m a size 10, wide-width (normally) with a high instep. It sucks a lot of the times. But I am determined to find hot sneakers to rock.

Cosmopolitan, April 2013.

Cosmopolitan, April 2013.

Even as I scour the internet all I find is a sea of black & white sneakers; or if I find something I like they cost at least $60 (and that is on sale)! I’m not sure what to do, even Cosmo’s April issue has a layout of hot, colorful sneakers but all range around $100+.

Is this a failing battle?


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