Miracle Product: Simple Sugars

You may have heard of this product if you are an avid Shark Tank watcher, as am I. There has come a few times that I’ve seen something displayed on the show that I start looking for online. Normally I find out they cost a bit more than I am willing to spend or, they aren’t yet on the market. But this product is amazing. And I don’t say that often!

Simple Sugars is a Pittsburgh-based beauty company that was created by Lani Lazzari. Lazzari has been prone for eczema and sensitive skin since she was little and has frequented her dermatologist for solutions. So in 2005, when she was only 11, she took it upon herself to create a product that would help her skin situation. Hence, the birth of Simple Sugars.

Simple Sugars 3Tell me you aren’t blown away by the fact that she started this company when she was just eleven, let alone that she just graduated high school? She is probably the youngest and most successful entrepreneur I personally know about.

The day after her episode of Shark Tank aired I searched for her site and where I could buy it. Thankfully, since I am in the Pittsburgh area, there are numerous stores that carry her line. Even so, I had to drive a little out of my way to work to find her product… but man, was it worth it!

Simple Sugars 2.0It was funny too because when I was in the store I had to ask a sales associate to help find it for me, and I got another shopper interested! A lady peeked around the corner of the isle I was standing in and asked “are you talking about that product on Shark Tank?” She was so thankful I had asked where it was since she TOO wanted to try some!

I picked up the coffee sugar scrub since my life seems to revolve around drinking the stuff already and couldn’t wait to try it. I was skeptical, trust me. I’ve boughten body scrubs ( mostly salt based I believe) from major beauty companies before. While they worked, they weren’t anything (especially price-wise) that I wanted to stick with.

Well, as I started to lather up in the shower I was still skeptical. It’s not exactly soft when you first start scrubbing with it and it was odd since I could smell the coffee grounds and see them. It kind of felt dirty at first. Then I rinsed and was amazed at my skin’s transformation. SMOOTH, SILKY skin! I felt like I had just been soaked in fancy oils for hours.

Simple Sugars 1But I was still hesitant. Since most scrubs I’ve used say to scrub first than shave I thought maybe this silky smoothness wouldn’t last. It did! I even think it’d be gentle enough to use AFTER you shave. Even then, I was a bit leery. Maybe it wouldn’t stay like this after I dry off. WRONG! Still silky smooth. And this, just after one use.

Needless to say I’m a believer! And for the right price I believe I will be a continued user for a long time. I insist you check her line out now and purchase some for yourself! Especially with summer around the corner, who could resist a product that can give you incredibly smooth and soft skin??


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