April Showers: Rain Gear

We have all heard the old adage, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” We’re in the middle of the April showers part of it and even if they bring May flowers, there’s normally still some showers all throughout the Spring months. Due to this, you need some great rain gear to keep you dry!

I’m not the best person to talk about rain gear because I’m the one that always seems to get caught out in the middle of a down pour in flip flops and shorts (true story). Looking like a soaking wet rat isn’t the best look for anyone, so picking up some of these stylish pieces will help keep you dry and fashionable.

The first piece we all need in our rain wardrobe is a rain coat. The traditional piece is a trench coat; they’re stylish coats that give you that pulled-together look we all want that keeps us dry. They are great for any occasion because they have that professional oxford shirt style look.

Blue/Tan: ASOS; Pink: LLBean.

Blue/Tan: ASOS; Pink: LLBean.

The second piece to acquire are rain boots, or ‘wellies’ depending on what country you are in (I like wellies). The taller, the more area is kept dry, but that can be kind of difficult if you have wide calves (like I do). Even though Hunter boots say they have a 15″ calf circumference, my pair still gives me some issues. I decided to splurge on them because I thought they’d fit perfectly, but they do a sucking sort of look around my calves due to lack of room. They fit – but they don’t look the way normal rain boots look.

All boots found at Nordstrom.

All boots found at Nordstrom.


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