April Showers: Umbrellas

I couldn’t end April without showing off some fabulous umbrellas. By now you have the jacket and the boots… all you need to finish your rainy day outfit is a fashionable umbrella. And I have your back! I found this amazing website, literally umbrellas.net, that has CUSTOM and FASHIONABLE umbrellas of all kinds and even parasols (yes, I might bring those back into fashion). You can even RENT from them.

There are just a few things I thought I’d mention when we’re talking umbrellas. First, personally I have at least two different umbrellas: a fashionable one (that I honestly rarely use but want to start to again) and then a convenient one (a small one that is in my purse at all times).

I have the small one in my purse because, in Pittsburgh, you just never know when it might down pour and I always got stuck without an umbrella. The fashion one I got when clear umbrellas became all the rage – I just had to have one and I love it but back then I was taking the bus everywhere and carrying a large umbrella was really cumbersome.

I suggest everyone having a similar concept; keep one somewhere you can use it in case of emergencies: your car, your purse, a gym bag, ect. But also have a fashion umbrella for when you know it is going to/is raining and will be going somewhere you want to look your sassiest.

Picture 3The first set I’ve found I consider novelty umbrellas. They are those ones that are a little out there that make everyone on the street turn and watch as you splash in the puddles. I found this awesome Van Gogh one or this fun dachshund print.

The second set I call fashion because they are stylish yet classic. A great printed one like this fabulous plaid will make you stand out but work for almost any outfit, for any occasion. Or the clear ones, updated, with a bold stripe or even a polka dot will still be sophisticated enough for a board room. I find these ones to be fashionable alternatives to the basic black.

Picture 4Clearly these two categories cross and intermix amongst themselves; the Van Gogh can also be fashionable, as well as the clear one being novel. One tip to remember though is size: the bigger the better, because then it covers more of you so you don’t get soaked.


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