Curvy Work Out Gear

I got you motivated on Monday (hopefully) and now you need a fabulous new gym wardrobe before you get active. Honestly, that is what I did when I started back to the gym in January; I bought a matching pair of yoga capris and sports bra. It made me feel good before I ever started working out!

Shameless plug, those pants are now too big on me.

Being a curvy girl I know it can be difficult finding fun, stylish, supportive work out gear. Not many retailers carry supportive enough pieces for us with bigger busts or wider hips, fuller stomach regions… and the ones that do cost a ton.

Cult of California is trying to change all that. It is one of the first curvy work out gear lines that is supportive and sexy. Oh is it sexy! They have diversified into other realms like dresses and club wear too, but their work out clothes are still so unique and uniquely curvy.

Honeydew Jog Bra. $45.

Honeydew Jog Bra. $45.

Cross Back Top Butter.

Cross Back Top Butter. $39.

Galaxy Job Bra.

Galaxy Jog Bra. $45.

Reflection Necklace Tank. $18.

Reflection Necklace Tank. $18.

These are just some of the pieces from Cult of California‘s different lines that I just adore. I really want the first two pieces. Talk about burning up at the gym, I’d be burning something!


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