2013 Swimsuit Guide

It is that time of year again, swim time! And earlier this month I posted a great pool workout routine to help get you in better shape than you already are. But what will you wear for it? While some of these suits might not be high endurance capasity for a hard session in the pool, they are beach ready and curve-worthy!

The best advice for finding a swimsuit for fuller figures is to just find one you like, and has great support. I made the slight mistake a few summers ago that I wanted a bikini because I’m proud of my body but I shopped at Aerie where they don’t have very supportive swimwear… the bikini looked amazing but it didn’t keep me in very well. Flash forward to this season where I just bought this FABULOUS leopard & black high waisted bikini that has so much support I could rumba in it.

So my two tips: find a suit you love, and make sure it has support! 

Also, I’m not one who has a high budget that can throw around a couple $100 for a suit (that’s going to last maybe 2 seasons) so I’ve tried to find a lot of suits in numerous price ranges. I think the whole point also is that you don’t want to wear the same suit EVERY year, so save yourself some money now so you can spend it next season on another great suit.


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