OOTW: Dress Entourage

I’ve had the past 3 days off from work and it’s been great. My favorite thing though that I got to do was wear dresses, that is right, DRESSES. All last week I was working as a food runner or server so I was unable to show my fashion sense off at work (and therefor outside of work since I just throw on my work clothes before I go out.) It really killed me because I kept seeing all these other gorgeous women wearing beautiful dresses last week.

So I made it my mission on these few days to wear some of my favorite dresses, two which I recently bought and hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. It was awesome! I don’t have a picture for Monday’s dress but it was a new one I bought from ASOS Curve, a beautiful navy and white color blocked swing dress. I felt very Jackie O in it with my funky pearl necklace and classy dress.


purpledress2Tuesday’s dress was an old Forever 21 dress I had recently found at Plato’s Closet for a steal. Fierce does not even begin to state how this dress looked and made me feel. I love the beaded top, so I don’t have to wear a necklace, and the detail at the bust … sexy! Pairing it with the denim jacket it made it a bit more daytime acceptable and stylish.


blackdress2Today’s dress (Wednesday) is a favorite from ASOS Curve (again.) It’s a simple mid-length black bodycon dress that fits unbelievably! I love it a lot because I can change the way it looks all the time. I felt very ‘me’ today since I was able to pair the dress with a denim vest and patterned scarf.

blackdress3I rocked my hair natural today too, which I haven’t done a lot of lately. During summer (and a lot of other times, I’m just normally too lazy) I love my hair straight because I’ve always wanted straight hair because it’s so much easier to manage and is very sleek and sexy… but today just looked like a crazy curl day and gave a very boho/fierce look to my outfit.

I’ve also discovered if I don’t look at the camera (or smile half the time) that I actually take great pictures. Now to work on the background…


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