FFFW’13: What to Wear

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d love to wear if I had the opportunity to attend Full Figured Fashion Week 2013 (FFFW). I can only imagine everyone being super stylish and fashionable, everyone having something that makes them stand out in their own personal style: maybe a signature necklace, an awesome purse or their favorite dress.

So I did a little searching and found a few different pieces/outfit ideas I had to share. I can see myself wearing them at least once during FFFW.

Frederick's High-Low Strapless Dress, $79.

Frederick’s High-Low Strapless Dress, $79.

This gorgeous dress from Frederick’s plus-size line would be perfect for one of the evening parties, or even a daring diva rocking this dress to one of the shows. You would certainly make a statement in this dress during fashion week.

SWAK Valentina Tank, Fuerza Line; $39.90.

SWAK Valentina Tank, Fuerza Line; $39.90.

SWAK Jessie Bootcut Denim; $59.90.

SWAK Jessie Bootcut Denim; $59.90.

This outfit would be super chic in a casual way, but not too casual! I could see a sparkling necklace highlighting the wearer’s neck with this top, or even dressing it up with a chic blazer. Both pieces are from SWAK Designs, the top from their newest Fuerza by Rosie Mercado line which is super stylish.

IGIGI Cicily Wrap Dress, $122.

IGIGI Cicily Wrap Dress, $122.

IGIGI Vintage Floral Dress; $135.

IGIGI Vintage Floral Dress; $135.

These last two dresses are from IGIGI, wear everything is simple beautiful. I love both of these dresses with such a passion I’d probably wear them several times during FFFW. They are so pretty on their own you’d just need some hot heels and then… BAM! You would certainly sizzle.


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