Summer Vacation: Stay-cations

It is officially summer now and the best part of it (besides the heat) is all the vacations you can take. But sometimes, we don’t have the money (or time) to go to the places we really want to visit, so the next best thing are stay-cations. The stay-cation has slowly grown in popularity over the years, where people find great things to do while staying right in their hometown and spending little to no money.

I don’t get a lot of time off since I’m working now, mostly because I can’t afford it, so I’ve been looking for amazing things to do right in my city when I do get a couple days off in a row. So I wanted to share a few ideas of what to do, or where to go on your very own stay-cation:

1. Make a Pool Date


Gather your girls (or guys) and make a date for the local pool, be it wave or otherwise. Check the facility policy beforehand, but some let you bring your own food and drink (I’ve even heard of some that are adult only, I’m assuming, and allow alcohol). So pack up a scrumptious spread, and your favorite bottle of sparkly (do juice or lemonade if you can’t bring the wine) to make this stay-cation feel like you are lounging at the hottest resort on the coast of anywhere.

2. Find an International Cafe


Look for a place in your city that has that French flair you’ve been craving, or a little Spanish salsa music – wherever you’ve been dying to visit. There is this little Cuban style bar/restaurant in Pittsburgh that I used to visit, such good food and atmosphere. Soak up the atmosphere there, pick up a language book and try a few phrases, and just enjoy.

3. Take a Lesson


Wanted to learn how to play tennis? Or learn how to paint? Or anything? Your stay-cation is the best time to do that! Many vacation resorts offer lessons for many different things, so pull on that new tennis skirt you’ve been waiting to wear and get on the court with a hot trainer. Or allow that sensuous painter guide your fingers on the canvas … another thing that happens on vacation, daydreams. Hmm.



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