Food Chronicles: 4th Of July

I wanted to post this yesterday but I didn’t have enough time before the pool to do so, but it’s still in time for the 4th of July! Right around the corner is one of the most important times in American history, and just a whole lot of fun… who doesn’t like cooking out and watching fireworks with friends and family?

The food is one of the best things about 4th of July, because almost everyone pulls the ol’ grill out and gets back to the basics. But I wanted to change things up a little and give you four new fun foods to try out on your grill this holiday.

1. The Burger Hot Dog

Photo courtesy The Chew.

Photo courtesy The Chew.

That is right, you read correctly there. I found this idea recently on The Chew where they had guest chef Ming Tsai on their grilling episode last week and he made a burger in the shape of a hot dog. How genius! Ming Tsai said he originally created this concept for a client where they needed to be able to eat one-handed – but this is also a fun spin off originals. So this 4th of July make some burger hot dogs!

2. Asian Barbecued Chicken

Photo courtesy Food Network.

Photo courtesy Food Network.

Go a new direction with your bbq this year and mix up some Asian inspired barbecued chicken! Everyone loves grilled chicken, chicken wings, bbq sauce and adding some Asian flair is the way to go. I got this idea from a coworker of mine yesterday at the pool, and it just sounded delicious. So I found a recipe for you to try yourself!

3. Grilled Fruit Salad


You can use that grill for anything, and grilling fruit brings out the sweeter side. So chop up what you love : cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, really anything and get to work. Grill them up then toss them together in a bowl for a healthy yet tasty treat.

4. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

This year change the potato salad into some grilled sweet potatoes and kill two birds with one stone. You don’t need potato salad or french fries when you have sweet delicious grilled sweet potatoes. Not only will they be healthier they’ll give you a kick to your taste buds.


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