July 4th Fashions

If you’re trying to find the perfect outfit to grill out in, watch fireworks in and just scream “We’re Free!” in then keep scrolling down. Independence Day is a day to rest, relax, grill out and watch some fantastic firework displays. But you want to look stylish yet comfortable … and the stars & stripes gimmick while still done, is kind of overplayed. So how can you show off your style and still be patriotic?

Jacket/jeans/scarf: Torrid. Top: Forever21.

Jacket/jeans/scarf: Torrid. Top: Forever21.

Mix and match pieces that show off your style but are still comfortable for the long day in the sun. Pairing cropped jeans with a flirty red top gives you a base to style up how you like. Try a white hot military jacket and a flag scarf for some fashion and a pop of patriotism this 4th of July.

All dresses from ASOS Curve.

All dresses from ASOS Curve.

Perhaps your thing this summer is dresses (and I am right there with you girl). These three stylish and comfy dresses from ASOS Curve show your playful side while still going with the theme of red, white & blue. The first one even boasts some stripes! And on a personal note, every dress I’ve ever boughten from ASOS Curve is uber comfortable.

So however you rock it this year, show your style off with stars, stripes, reds, blues and everything in between!


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