OOTD: Cheetah Chic

Last week the restaurant I work in was closed for renovations for four days, that meant… mini vacation!

When all of us found that out a bunch of us decided to meet up at one of the local pools for a day in the sun. This was my first time at a pool this summer and I loved it so much. Besides having a blast with all my friends from work, I was able to catch some sun for my poor pale skin, and wear my new bikini.


Bikinis are all the rage in the plus size community thanks to those few brave bloggers who first showed themselves in “fatkinis” last year. Since then bikinis are on the rise and everyone from a size 0 to a size 22 are showing their skin in the hot summer sun.


I was no different. Before summer hit I scowered the internet looking for the perfect bikini for my curves since last years was a little too conventional for me, and lacked support. This year I found a fabulous one from Forever 21; a chic little cheetah print number. When I say I felt comfortable in this, I mean I could probably live in this bikini for the rest of summer.

I felt so hot yet supported in everything. It shows just enough skin (and cleavage) without losing the support I need in my chest and a high waisted brief. The design was a reminiscent of the 50s which was very cool in the fashion world.


In the end, my day in the sun was amazing … even if I did end up getting a sunburn, again. Haha!


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