Fashion App: Closet

I’ve never talked about my cellphone or the different apps available out there on the blog before, but I found one that makes so much fashion sense it’s important I share. It’s called “Closet” and it’s a virtual closet organizational tool for your physical closet.

photoWith Closet you can take pictures of every item in your closet, save the price and any details about the item you want and then use them to make outfits and packing lists. Even more so, Closet will track how many times you wear a certain item and the price per wear of each item. Now you can see just how much that chunky sweater costs, and if it was actually worth buying those Michael Korr shoes.

photo copyThe pictures I have posted up are actual screenshots of my Closet app. I haven’t uploaded my full closet (I didn’t realize just how much I have) but I can’t wait to seriously get down and dirty. Now I can plan ahead much easier for work, events and my regular coffee shop dates.

Here are some basics about the app: while it is free you can only upload about 30 pieces of clothes. They have different upgrades available to overcome this obstacle if you own a larger closet. But definitely check it out! It’s so worth it!


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