Coming of the Harvest

I have to apologize for the disappearance this past week, I was having some loss of internet but I’ve finally got it fixed. Now it’s better than ever and I shouldn’t be leaving you anytime soon!

While my little absence was occurring something has started to change; I walked outside one afternoon and it just smelled like Fall. It was that tinge of cold weather, the hint of the leaves changing and that spice in the air. I didn’t want to admit how appealing that smelled.

Photo found on Pinterest.

Photo found on Pinterest.

Since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and recently admitted to myself that I want it to be Fall. I’m talking golden sun, orange leaves, big round pumpkins and carmel apple cider! I don’t want to lose the heat, just the change in scenery and festivities.

Fall has so much involved in it: October, harvest, leaves, sweater, pumpkins, apple cider, Halloween (my FAVORITE holiday). I can’t wait for Halloween and all the festivals. If it could be Halloween year round I’d so take it, and I’m not talking the cheep, scary shit… I’m talking traditional, multi-cultural festivities.

Photo found on Google.

Photo found on Google.

With that being said I hope I didn’t offend any of the summer lovers out there, I love it too! And like I said, I wish Pittsburgh would keep the heat year round like summer but alas it won’t.


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