Renaissance Festivals Across the Country

When summertime hits, the festivals begin. And when I think festivals I think Renaissance. I am a huge renaissance person, I love Arthurian legand and don’t get me started on Robin Hood – those were the days! And I finally got to go to my first Ren Fest (what frequenters call them) the summer after my freshman year of college. My best friend and I packed up randomly and headed across state boarders and into the magical land of yesterday at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. She had a friend who was working it so we got to look around early, it was so much fun!

Ever since I’ve been wanting to go back again and again, and hopefully this year I will! I know so many people now who go regularly that I have to. And because of this, I wanted to share some of the top festivals across the States found at The Daily Meal.

Chippewa Valley Ren Fest/Village of Terror.

Chippewa Valley Ren Fest/Village of Terror.

I liked this one because it goes from Renaissance Festival to Halloween themed with their Village of Terror. And you know I love Halloween!

Texas Renaissance Festival.

Texas Renaissance Festival.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this one doesn’t disappoint! And since I’m basically from Texas now…

Robin Hood's Springtime Festival, Connecticut.

Robin Hood’s Springtime Festival, Connecticut.

Robin Hood, enough said.

Sherwood Forest Faire.

Sherwood Forest Faire.

Another Robin Hood themed festival and I just couldn’t help it.

Valhalla Ren Faire.

Valhalla Ren Faire.

I loved the name of this since if you know your lore Valhalla is the warrior’s heaven. And this festival goes from Renaissance to pirate from one weekend to the next!


All photos courtesy The Daily Meal

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