OOTD: Maxi Love

I love dressing myself on my days off. By this I mean that I get to wear my own style of clothing. I don’t have anyone telling me I have to wear jeans and a shirt, or certain colors, or professional attire. I get to be me. Not that I don’t love dressing up for work now!

This past Monday was my first, official, day off after working 17 days straight with 3 doubles at 2 jobs. Whew! It was long but well worth it. And I was going to get my very first gel manicure by one of my new coworkers that day. I was so excited.


Mostly because I had the day off, second because I got to be pampered for once and third because I got to hang out with a friend outside of work.

She didn’t disappoint either. My nails look fabulous! And I’m looking forward to see how long they actually last; everyone keeps telling me they can last upwards to a month. Never in my life have I seen nail polish last that long.


But on this day I decided to rock a more boho style with one of my patterned maxi dresses and a denim vest over it. I paired it with some butterfly earrings and a simple braided halo in my hair. I love finding new things to do with my hair, and have them work out.


Plus, the day was warm and sunny!

Maxi Dress: My Lady Boutique; Vest: Rainbow; Earrings: My Lady Boutique.

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