Food Chronicles: Labor Day Ribs

So it is now September, and summer has officially ended but today is the last big bang: LABOR DAY! Today is the last day to pull out that checkered picnic blanket, the grill and to toss some big ol’ meat on the fire for the family. 

Okay so most of those are a stretch; I’m sure you won’t put the grill away just because summer is over – or at least the men on The Chew claim that winter grilling is the best. But just in case I have one fantastic rib recipe before you cover it up. 

Rum n’ Coke Ribs by Bonvoy Adventures 

Photo courtesy Bonvoy Adventure.

Photo courtesy Bonvoy Adventure.


2 racks of pork ribs


1 cup rum

3 cups cola

1 1/3 cups tomato ketchup

1-2 dashes of Tabasco sauce

2 garlic cloves, minced

4 tablespoons hoisin sauce


Throw the marinade ingredients into a bowl and mix em up.  Cover the ribs in the marinade and throw in the ice chest overnight.  (not required but recommended).

Set the grill to medium low heat.  Try to cook over indirect heat.

Put the ribs in a roasting pan and place on the cool part of the grill.

Cover the grill and cook for about 1 hour 15 min.  Baste with marinade every 20 min.

Crank up the heat on the grill a little.  Remove the ribs from the pan and throw directly on the grill.  Cook for 5 min on each side.  Get a good carmelized char on them.

If you have any leftover marinade you can heat it up on the grill and serve as a sauce.

The flavor is best appreciated with a cold beer.


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