From Juicy, With Love

There is nothing better than a designer purse, but there is nothing worse than designer prices. For years I have longed for couture purses, wallets and keychains and they have rarely been attainable. And I have whined about how I could never spend $600 on one purse numerous times…

But I have seen the light and so has my Michael Korr’s designer purse, since I have recently added a Juicy Couture tech wallet!


Before this wallet all my precious plastic and green was homed in a cheap, fun Playboy wallet. Yes, I said Playboy. It was a random decision after seeing a friend with one and I was automatically, “I gotta have it!” Once I got my new job though I realized that it was time to grow up a little and get something a little more sophisticated to keep my money in.

I have always liked Juicy Couture but rarely could afford it, and I never saw anything in their sale section that I liked. But with their newest leather collection that came out I fell in love with one of their tech wallets.


It is GORGEOUS, with a studded leopards head on the front side of the wallet, and easily fits my iPhone 5 and my favorite pink lipstick for those late night outs. My only concern is that it’s not actually long enough to hold a dollar bill in, so I had to fold up my cash a bit to slide it in – but not a big deal.

Have to say I was pretty proud of my choice when showing it off at the job, and getting their approval.

Would you ever spend money on a designer wallet? What would your limit be? I found this one 30% off so it came to $66.


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