Plus Size and the Kitty

I have a cat! This may be news to you if you haven’t been following me (well now, us) on Instagram. It has been just about a month since I adopted him and it has been a huge change.

First off, his name is Catsby. He is a 3 year-old, American shorthaired white & grey tabby cat. He’s pretty handsome and I think he knows it. He was adopted from my local Humane Society and I couldn’t be happier. If you are interested in adopting ANY furry family member, PLEASE ADOPT, don’t shop. Your local shelters are overpopulated with pets that are dying to become your new friend.


Every day brings a new adventure with Catsby. When I first brought him home he was pretty shy which I understood. He staid under the bed and couch for the most part, but at night he joined me up on the bed. Since then the bed is still his favorite place to hide under, and terrorize me from. He just loves to wait till I’m not expecting him and then he’ll swipe at my feet while under the bed.


Trying to teach him to back away from the door is sometimes a challenge. He’s always right on the other side of the door when I come home! And boy is he a talker (but not in the annoying way). He just loves to chatter back and forth sometimes.


My clothes are another contention between us. They seemed to be perpetually covered in cat fur now, even if I swear I haven’t worn them yet. And forget about getting him to leave them alone. Once my work trousers come out he’s weaving himself around my legs. Oh, and he likes to hide inside my closet on one of the shelves where all my jeans live.

I need a really good lint roller…


After the first week with him I stopped being paranoid about leaving him home alone. Now I can come and go as I was before and have a great little guy to keep me company at home.

He even has his own Instagram! Yes, I’m that type of owner; but he was getting so many followers on my own that I felt he needed to show off his personality alone. So follow him @TheGreatCatsby44.


He loves to pounce around with his mouse a lot and I’ve caught him on video. He’s very entertaining. And we celebrate every #Caturday!


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