Love Culture

While on my lunch break recently I got a text from a coworker stating she found this fun new site that offers plus-size clothing. Of course I jumped on it to see what they had (I’m currently looking to expand my Summer wardrobe). I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of what I was directed to.

Love Culture is a fun, juniors clothing company. I think that “juniors” is used a little loosely with most clothing companies now and that they should find a new term to state clothing intended for younger generations. I think I’d freak out if I saw a 13-year-old wearing some of the items that are classified as “juniors,” haha. But anyways, Love Culture caries regular and plus-size items and has a good range of dresses, pants, and tops.


I like that they kind of flirt with an edgier side of clothing. Some of their tops are great, breezy pieces that I could totally see myself wearing to the beach. Other pieces I’m not sure I could pull off, like the cropped shredded hoodie, but I find it intriguing too. I’m trying to imagine what I’d pair it with and to where- it’s not something you could just throw on for the gym (least I don’t think so.)


But they have some gorgeous dresses (maxi & shorter) that combine casual and elegance. And have I mentioned the prices yet? Oh, I didn’t? They are pretty fabulous! I was seeing most dresses for around $30 odd dollars. Now I can’t comment on quality yet, but that’s pretty good either way around in my book.


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