John Freida 3 Days to Straight

Right around Valentine’s Day I found a glorious surprise by my mailbox,  a brand new Voxbox from Influenster. This one was filled with romantic-themed products, like a giant bag of Hershey Kisses, a face mask, Kiss fake eyelashes and this little bottle from John Freida. I received all these products complimentary from Influenster, and so close to my big San Diego trip that the first product I reached for was the John Frieda.

This product was supposed to help your hair stay straight for upto three days. Now this would be a feet for my hair since it’s naturally so curly. The day before I left for vacation I used the Three Days to Straight product and followed the directions. If this worked I wouldnt need to bring my straightner on the trip.


As you can see my hair came out beautifully straight on the first day. I was excited, but the real test would be the next two days in California.

As you can see even after traveling all morning, and I mean ALL morning, my hair was still pretty straight – even with being pulled up into a ponytail.  I was shocked, my hair doesnt stay this straight or nice on the second day. Sad to admit, since my scalp is normally oily, a second day of straight hair ends up flat and “shiny” looking.

Now on the third day it was losing a bit of the straightness, butnstill looked nice especially when I styled it with a front twist. This photo was from  breakfast that morning. I brushed and styled it but didnt need to take a heated element to it still!


This next photo was in late afternoon after walking around downtown all day. Even then my hair was decent. I must say I am thoroughly surprised at these results. Mm I know John Frieda is a salon brand but I’ve neverbhad such amazing results from this brand. If you are looking for a product tonhelp keep your straight hair longer, this nis certainly the product to try!

More from my voxbox products and California trip coming soon!


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