San Diego 2014

I’ve been drawn to southern California for awhile now; cheesy to say, but it’s like it’s calling to me. My sister has lived out there before and I also have a cousin out there currently, so I think it’s in my blood. While I love Pittsburgh my next home will be California.

Since I’ve been looking into moving there I had to go visit San Diego, I’ve been told by several Californians that that city would be the best fit for me. I was finally able to visit a couple weeks ago. “Beautiful” doesn’t begin to describe this place, it is like a whole different world. When the pilot announced we’d begin our decent my face was glued to the window. We had gone over a desert and then water,  then small buildings started to appear. Soon enough  I started seeing the city! I was so excited. When I got off the plane I called my sister and told her, “I honestly can’t believe I made it.”


The San Diego airport is directly downtown so I could check out a lot of things right outside. I mean, I found artwork on the bottom of the underpass while waiting for a taxi. There are palm trees EVERYWHERE., boldly colored flowers and the sky was blue. If you’re in Pittsburgh currently you know we don’t have anything like this.


Fashion forward – the instant i got to my hotel room I whipped out my denim shorts. When I left Pittsburgh it was freezing with ice, I almost lost an arm running from my car to the airport without my coat. Here I couldnt wait to get out of my jeans. I paired my shorts with a Forever21 flowy top and slid into my flip flops I hadn’t seen since August. I couldnt wait to get out into the sunshine!


I had been checking out Ocean Beach (OB to the locals) online so I knew that was the first place to go. My taxi driver was a little confused on why I wanted to go to that beach but I wanted to check out its southern California vibe. OB didn’t disappoint me. I had some great food, talked to some really cool locals and bought a few accessories  I couldn’t live without now.



The best part had to be the pier though, OB is home to the longest pier. It just goes straight out into the ocean. When I climbed the steps to get up to the pier I just topped and stared. I’d never seen anything like it before. I’ve been to Ireland and to the Tower of London but nothing compares to looking straight out into the ocean with an uninterrupted view. You could lose yourself looking out into it. And that’s when I seriously started contemplating moving to San Diego.




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