Exploring San Diego

I’ve been working on the blog from my new Samsung tablet, so things are not coming out the way they normally do, haha. It’s going to take me some time to get used to it, but it’s making it easier for me to blog more freely now.

Recently I showed you my first day out in San Diego and how gorgeous OB was (Ocean Beach for non-locals.) The next day I was there was spent walking around Little Italy down through the Gaslamp District. This place was amazing, beautiful and everyone was friendly. This may come off sounding cliché and touristy, but I’m not lying.

I first started off visiting Bottlecraft Beer Shop in Little Italy. I found this place in my zagat and my best friend is a little obsessed with craft beers, honestly it’s rubbing off a little. I’m not a beer drinker but learning about all the different kinds is fun, guess I should blame my previous job. But I wanted to visit in honor of him. It was such an interesting setup because it was just shelf after shelf of weird named beers with crazy labels on them. Even better, you could purchase your choice and sit at the few tables to try it out, in-store. I’ve only ever seen a setup like this if you’re buying from a bar.


Unfortunately I was battling a cold so I wasn’t able to taste any of the crazy-named beers. But I did find the perfect souvenir for my bestie, the name on this glass fits him to a tea. When I brought it home for him I discovered he actually knows and loves this beer, so it was an even better gift than I imagined.

Fashion update: I have to admit I was pretty picky this day. Three different outfits were worn at different points throughout the day.

The first outfit was this tangerine sundress I had purchased specifically for my California trip from ASOS. Unfortunately it’s a little too big for me and the seamstresses screwed me over a few days before I left. I attempted to fix it by using a handmade belt to cinch in the waist but discovered the neckline is to wide for me as well. But I needed to wear it at least to breakfast that morning. I paired it with my gold hoops and brand new gold elephant necklace bought from Lola Luna the day before. I felt super fresh and cute in this outfit, I only wish it’d fit better so I could have worn it all day.



After breakfast I sadly changed into my jeans and graphic tank with a peach on it to go walking through downtown San Diego. It was comfy and fun, the girl at Lucky Brand Jeans even said she loved my top! I am happy to report I can ALMOST fit into a pair of Lucky Jeans, and they seem to go up to a size 14 in certain styles! Also, the duo working that store were very helpful and friendly and could care less if I was plus-size or not. They helped me no matter what.

By this point I had been walking around San Diego for a good three hours and was starving. I discovered this great little cafe named Zanzibar to have a late lunch at. The menu was simplistic but, damn, was the food delicious. They served me a maple glazed salmon with sweet potato fondant, not to be confused with the icing you put on cakes. After about ten glasses of water to replenish myself I was off to explore some more.


Where I ended up was this very cool outdoor/indoor mall. I had to explore the shopping while I was there! This was about the time I pretty much had had it with my current outfit. I was hot, sweaty and I discovered a stain on my top. Originally I was looking for a maxi dress, I had seen a passanger on my plane ride with this gorgeous purple one. What I found was a skirt I had been looking for forever, ironically at the last place I’d normally set foot in: The Gap. The sales associate was super helpful and honest with me (it’s tough to find that), and allowed me to wear my third and final outfit out.


Word to the wise, if you are in a hotter climate, invest in a good pair of flip flops. I normally live in them during summer in Pittsburgh, but I about died of foot pain after this day of walking. Old Navy $5 flip flops are no match to California all-day walking.


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