OOTD: Lane Bryant Bulldog Tee

I have some fun news to share, you are looking at a new employee of Lane Bryant! Now I want to share that I am NOT getting any sort of special treatment now that I’m an employee or free clothes or anything. I am still just Liz Bey, a plus-size blogger who loves to show off her fashion. If any benefits would come from my new job they will be posted up front and in bold print.

The Curvysta Haven©

The Curvysta Haven©

After my first week (last week) at work I got to play dress up and tried on half the store. I’m super excited to share my first outfit from my new pieces. I wanted something playful and summery since it was in the 60s today! And I found this super cute graphic tee that I wanted to share without doing the typical jeans & t-shirt.

The Curvysta Haven©

The Curvysta Haven©

I fell in love with maxi skirts since my trip to San Diego. They are so effortless and feminine that when I saw this one my first day, I knew I had to have it. The pattern is proportional to my frame and the pop of color gives it an exciting streak.

The Curvysta Haven kitty bomb! The Curvysta Haven©

The Curvysta Haven kitty bomb! The Curvysta Haven©

Now this graphic tee; it’s a bull dog in a bowler hat and monocle! Normally I steer clear of graphic tees because they normally seem so childish and have cartoon colors splashed across it. But this Lane Bryant one, it’s super chic yet still playful. The fact it’s black & white with some gems in the right places is just perfect.

Necklace from Francesca's. The Curvysta Haven©

Necklace from Francesca’s. The Curvysta Haven©

My suggestion if you want to go the jeans route with a graphic tee – spice it up. Throw a blazer and some heels on. A blazer instantly creates a tighter waist and exudes a professional, fashionable air.


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